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Chomps the Gator


Meet Chomps!

What can Chomps do for me?

Chomps is available for all sorts of appearances: parades, town days, cultural events, festivals, charity events -- pretty much anything. If you would like to find out more, contact the Navigators office at (781) 595-9400. Chomps loves to travel!

Who is Chomps!?

Chomps is our friendly, feisty, fantastic NaviGator mascot. You can follow him on Twitter (@NSNChomps)!

How did an alligator get to the North Shore?

Chomps, like many alligators, is originally from Florida. He grew tired of the constant heat and all the poachers, so he decided to find a new home and navigated all the way to Lynn. He heard that a new baseball team was coming to the area called the Navigators, and he knew right away that he would work for them.

What does Chomps like to do?

Chomps is what some might call a Renaissance Alligator. He loves baseball, of course, but isn't much of a player (his tail gets in the way and he lacks opposable thumbs to hold a bat). He's a great swimmer, loves to fish, and enjoys taking long bubble baths. Rumor has it, he's quite a good dancer. In the offseason, he likes to frequent the Charles River and is a fan of sunbathing on Nahant Beach and Revere Beach. He loves to eat birds and hang out with all his Navigator buddies. He does not get along well with angry sailors, but would love to meet a local lady alligator.

Why is Chomps' jersey #40?

Fraser Field was built in 1940. Chomps loves Fraser Field, and is respecting it by using that as his jersey number.

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